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Articles on Alabama

What Does Contingent Mean in Home Sales

September 15, 2020

Understand What Contingent Means in Real EstateHave you heard the term "contingent" when buying or selling a home and wondered what it meant? When you sell your home, you will find the word contingent cropping up time and time again. It can be used when talking about financing, offers, appraisals, and more. But what does contingent mean, and ...

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Alabama outdoor destinations and day trips.

October 15, 2018

Also known as the highest point in Alabama, Cheaha State Park is located in Delta, AL. This state park provides the best views along with recreational activities. If you are searching for views from the highest point in Alabama, The Doug Ghee Accessible Trail leads you along an elevated boardwalk all the way to Bald Rock. Desoto State Park, ...

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Alabama - not just a place to visit

September 27, 2018

Alabama is one of the best places to live. There are lots of attractions available within the state. It's always pleasurable to be in the city and visit various places. There are many various places to visit: historical monuments, museums, theaters and much more. Many tourists also come from far distances to visit Alabama and spend a ...

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Alabama - diverse housing options

September 03, 2018

Living in Alabama like all places has its ups and downs. The cost of living is affordable but it depends on what area you're going to live in. Right now there is a revitalization movement sweeping the downtown in the metropolitan areas. This is allowing for the renovation of many historical buildings into houses or apartment building. The ...

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Traffic...Great traffic = a Great place to live

August 25, 2018

With its long and rich history, Southern hospitality and beautiful coastlines you won't wonder Alabama is a desirable place to live in. If you’re thinking in moving to Alabama get ready for beautiful shorelines, affordable housings and some of the nicest neighbors you’ll ever meet.  Commutes will be a breeze in Alabama if you’re ...

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Alabama - low property taxes and rich culture

August 13, 2018

Alabama has mild winters, and summers last five months.  Great food and great geographical diversity: the Appalachian Mts. warm, white sandy beaches, water falls and swamps with cypress groves. Alabama has the largest animal diversity in the country, second only to California. Property taxes are low, people are friendly and polite and It has  the Robert Trent ...

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Why You Need to Work With a Buyer's Agent

August 13, 2018

The home buying process can be exciting and fun, but also complicated, stressful, and overwhelming. Maximize your chance of success and minimize the amount of time spent trying to keep track of all the details by working with a buyer’s agent. There is a plethora of benefits to using a buyer’s agent, and here are our top ...

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Four Creative Financing Options For Real Estate Buyers

August 13, 2018

Financing a home is one of the most critical factors for buyers looking to purchase real estate. In fact, for individuals with bad credit, financing can be a big issue. However, bad credit does not have to prevent you from purchasing real estate. 1. Seller or Owner FinancingIn 2017, there were 89,779 owner-financed notes, which totaled $17....

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Alabama - real estate

July 22, 2018

Alabama's weather can be diverse, with hot, humid summers, but its winters are generally mild, a fact no doubt appreciated by those who've lived in northern climates and who've had their fill of winter snowstorms. Snowfall is more common in the northern region of the state than in the south, but snow is still a relatively ...

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Alabama - affordable living!

July 06, 2018

From the breathtaking silky white sand beaches to the crisp breeze that blows across the lush mountains, Alabama's mesmerizing natural wonders is one of the main reason people from across the state choose to migrate here. With the vision of a progressive city and the comfort of a small-town community, life in Alabama affords its residents a life ...

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Advantages of Buying a HUD Home

June 29, 2018

Advantages of Buying a HUD HomeWhen it's time to buy a home, should you consider looking at a HUD-owned property? I say, 'Yes' and that you want to look at HUD homes FIRST because of the many advantages of buying from HUD. Here are just a few: 1) Competitive Prices - ask your Realtor to show ...

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Alabama housing

June 04, 2018

If you're looking for a state with an undeniabe charming, comfortable, and downright American.....then Alabama is the location for the perfect home you've been searching for. With breathtaking shorelines, low costs and some of the kindest neighbors you'll ever meet. And if you're moving to Alabama, it doesn't matter which town you live ...

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Alabama development

May 23, 2018

Alabama's sustainable development is not possible without growth in real estate that provides facilities for all human activities while improving the public spaces in cities and towns. Alabama neighborhoods are rich with historical significance and has become an attractive home for families. Capital investments in cities have resulted in job opportunities and is on an upward track, which ...

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Alabama Realtors

March 23, 2018

Alabama is an excellent place to relocate to at any time of the year. The state of Alabama offers newcomers and residents alike the perfect place for education, recreation, relaxation, and is an extremely good place for home buyers and sellers because of its rapid real estate growth. Most of the real estate agents in Alabama have decades of ...

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