K.M. Minemier & Associates is a certified Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB) engaged in full service real estate asset management and marketing.

About K.M. Minemier & Associates, LLC

A Little History

K.M. Minemier & Associates, LLC was founded in December of 2003, by Marlene Minemier, as a small boutique real estate brokerage company serving Central New Hampshire.

In 2007, K.M. Minemier became a HUD listing broker marketing HUD-Owned inventory under MM II and MM III. As a HUD listing brokerage, K.M. Minemier gained valuable knowledge and understanding of the HUD REO property disposition process, and became very familiar with the role of the asset manager and field service contractors under the M&M model.

In 2008, the firm began providing a wide range of REO services such as routine inspection services, QC review of appraisals, and BPO reporting. K.M. Minemier has successfully marketed REO properties in declining market conditions through online and live auction style formats.

In 2015 K.M. Minemier took over a decade of knowledge and expertise in the default servicing space and became the awardee of HUD's 3.7 Asset Management Contract (5A) for the States of North & South Carolina.

In 2017 K.M. Minemier through a contract realignment began asset management services for HUD-owned homes in (6A) Alabama, Tennessee and Mississippi.

In 2021 K.M. Minemier was awarded 3.7 Asset Management Bridge Contracts for (3A) Illinois and (1P) Michigan.

Our Services

Asset Management

We're an experienced, full-service asset management firm. Our staff of professionals combine their specialized expertise in the default space, with our localized vendor experts. This approach reduces days in prelist, and mitigates potential delays of your asset at closing.

Superior list-to-sell ratios are due to our comprehensive on-boarding and screening process for our local real estate professionals, our industry knowledge, and our expertise in closing. These factors significantly reduce days the asset is on market.

We're able to eliminate costly local code violation fines and fees through our experience dealing with the eviction process, ensuring compliance with HOA, COA, and other regulations.

By outsourcing your asset management to K.M. Minemier & Associates, you reduce your operating costs and receive the expert support your organization deserves.

Property Preservation

Let K.M. Minemier create a preservation plan that's tailored for your assets.

Our property preservation services include:

  • Initial services (services performed immediately upon a property becoming vacant),
  • recurring services,
  • periodic services,
  • services performed on an as-needed or requested basis,
  • client support,
  • bid management,
  • bid review and quality control,
  • winterization management,
  • and an REO client-accessible web-based system.

Portfolio Management

K.M. Minemier & Associates is a multi-disciplined frontrunner in portfolio management. We strive to provide a high level of personalized service to our clients and residents, by optimizing cash flow, maintaining asset condition and quality, and maximizing asset value.

From long-term management to disposition solutions, K.M. Minemier is a strategic partner no portfolio investor could operate without.

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