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Down Payment Assistance Programs of Michigan

August 09, 2023

Buying a home is a significant investment that requires a lot of financial planning and preparation. One of the major obstacles that potential homebuyers face is saving up for a down payment. Fortunately, there are several down payment assistance programs in Michigan that aim to make homeownership more accessible for everyone.Down payment assistance programs provide financial support to ...

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Everything a First Time Buyer Should Know

July 06, 2023

Buying your first home can be an exciting and intimidating experience all at the same time. It’s a major milestone in anyone’s life, but it can be daunting to navigate the complex world of real estate and mortgages. Fear not, though! With a little bit of knowledge, you can confidently navigate the home buying process and make ...

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Top 5 Ways To Improve Your Credit Score!

May 17, 2023

The health of your credit is more critical than ever.  Many credit-challenged people find themselves "frozen" when confronted with what to do. Here are the top five ways to improve your credit!1. Pay bills on time: Consistently paying your bills, including credit card bills, loans, and utilities, on time is one of the most effective ways ...

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Buying or Selling in the Next 12 Months: What You Need to Know Today

September 08, 2022

There are many different reasons you might be thinking about selling your home. Perhaps you want to downsize (or upsize), perhaps you want to take advantage of the market, or maybe you need to move to another area of the country for your company. Regardless of the reasons, there are many things to consider before you speak with a ...

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7 Things Every Buyer Should Know in This Market

May 09, 2022

The real estate market is on fire right now. More than 80% of Americans ages 18–34 said now was a bad time to buy a home, and the median home-sale price reached a record high of $365,000 in January. That’s a 28% increase from January 2019! The inventory simply hasn’t kept up with buyer demand. ...

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