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Steps in Staging the Interior of a Home

November 13, 2019

Usually sellers wish to have their properties on the market for a quick of a sale as possible. Therefore it is important that the property looks it's best for that potential buyer. By using home staging techinques, the seller is able to enhance the home's best assets and help that potential buyer to see that property as their own.

The seller may want to concentrate on staging not only the outside of their property, but the interior rooms where the most time is spent, like the kitchen, living room, main bedroom/bath. Start by removing personal items, such as photos, items of clothing, bathroom toiletries, etc. Removing clutter will also make the interior of the home look larger and roomier. This can include a list of items that the seller may have laying around and take for granted as necessities, where a buyer may see them as eysores. Make sure every room and everything in it is very clean, to include bathroom fixtures, windows, inside the refrigerator and other applliances. It would also be beneficial to take the time to do any needed minor repairs and painting. Patching holes, spackle and caulk where necessary. Paint with neutral colors, as any dark or bright colors may not only detract from the potential of a room, but can also be a "turn-off" to a buyer, especially if it is not a wall color they like.

The bottom line... a little "staging" may put more money in your pocket at closing.



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