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Your Home's Fall Checklist - It's time to prepare your home to withstand winter's frosty bite.

September 09, 2019

Take a moment a take a look at these helpful tips to give your home and it's components a seasonal check up.   Great tips provided by Better Homes & Gardens online site.  


It is so much more cost effective to keep ahead of a major problem coming up from neglect.  Protect your investment with small routine and small seasonal projects.   

As a Real Estate Broker for 32 years, I have found this to be true.  I do a walk though and around the exterior, when I meet with homeowners to prepare to sell their real estate.  If they have been neglectful of these routine things, I ask them what do you have available to budget for repairs and improvements.   I put together a list of things for the homeowner to do, within the budget.

My job is to help them sell their property at the highest and best price.   Any neglect can make a big difference in a buyer's perceived value and length of time on the market.   Unless someone is purchasing at 'bargain' price, they want the house in move in condition. 

Best example I can give them, is that many people do not want to mow and trim their yard or deep clean their house - so they surely are not interested in bigger projects than those.   The neglected things can bring to the surface deeper problems, when the home inspector does his thorough review - this can quickly take the joy away from the homeowner when the buyer turns done the purchase based on the inspection . Or the owner may be handed a lengthty list of repairs to be done, for them to continue with the purchase.

A simple thing, if there is pealing paint on hand rails and around windows, it will not meet the minimum standard for many loans - certainly will not for VA or FHA financing or a USDA Rural Development Loan.  These loans are 0% down payment or 3.5% down payment, the buyer does not have the 20% down payment invested as a conventional loan.  The lender wants the VA, FHA,  USDA to meet those minimum requirements, so the home is in a high standard of condition. 

HEH - a side note - did you know if you purchase a HUD Owned Property - and it is insurable for an FHA loan - You will only need $100.00 - THAT IS RIGHT ONE HUNDRED DOLLARs - for your down payment.  HUD will pay up to 3% of eligible closing costs for the buyer also.   If the HUD owned home does not meet the minimum requirements at purchase time - the property could qualify for an FHA 203B with repair escrow or an FHA 203K -  easiest to say - these are 'rehab' loans - the repairs and/or improvements are added to the loan and completed after closing.  

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