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How to Make Your HUD Home Energy Efficient

July 04, 2019

Post by: Nancy Braun, Showcase Realty



Dreaming of lower utility bills?

The consistently increasing cost of utility bills is a source of concern among many homeowners. When you are trying to pay off the monthly mortgage of your Charlotte home, put food on the table, send children to school, and save some amount for rainy days, each utility price increase means an additional burden to an already financially stretched family.

If this is your situation, it is time to turn your home into an energy efficient one.


The benefits of an energy efficient home

There are many excellent reasons to make your Charlotte property energy efficient.

One great reason would be to save money. Do you know that the average monthly residential bill of North Carolina in 2016 is $121.44? That information was released by the U.S. Department of Energy - Energy Information Administration.

If you can save $20 from your monthly bill by going energy efficient, think how much savings you’ll have accumulated in five years!

Another good reason is to help the environment. When you make your home in Charlotte energy efficient, you can do so much more without causing additional pollution.

The third reason for why we should convert to energy efficient homes is more of a national issue.

When you use less energy in our homes, our country’s import and transportation of fossil fuels also decreases. That means the government can use the money for other projects like increasing our nation’s safety and security.


Here are top five tips to make your Charlotte HUD home energy efficient.

1. Start by improving your home insulation. About 30% of a home’s heat can get lost when you live in a drafty home, not to mention your rocketing electric bills. Insulate your doors and windows by weatherstripping or using foam tape. Enhance your loft insulation. If you don’t know have any experience with carpentry, have an expert come in and handle it for you.

2. Replace old appliances with energy efficient ones. Appliances that are nearing the end of its life are less energy efficient than new ones. Though energy efficient appliances are more expensive, you’ll save more when you buy energy efficient ones. Consider getting new appliances that can lower your utility bills in the long run.


3. Update your hot water system. If your home is one of those HUD homes built in the '70s or '80s, you may need to update your hot water system. Since your water heater consumes more energy than all appliances put together, it makes sense to replace it with newer and efficient ones.

4. Use fluorescent bulbs. If you are using incandescent bulbs, it is time to switch to fluorescent bulbs. This type of bulb consumes less energy and lasts for a long time, although you’ll have to spend a bit more upfront.

5. Consider solar panels. If you’re seriously considering going green and being energy efficient, installing solar panels is the best way to go. It can cut down your electric bill because it lets you produce a little electricity.


Take the initiative to make these changes and discover more ways of saving your Charlotte home's energy!


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