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Top 5 Budget-Friendly Staging Tips for Your Home

April 16, 2019





The benefits of staging

One of the most important processes of selling your Charlotte home is staging it. Staging is the combination of decorating and adding small touches to create the lifestyle your buyers would like to see.

Staging helps bring out the home’s best features. The right staging evokes emotion, which compels the buyer to buy the house.

Staging can also help you sell your home at its best price. A well-staged home offers more than just a space with beautiful decor and furniture. It becomes an aesthetically pleasing spot which radiates warmth, inviting all to enter through its doors.

Staging is also your one and only shot to make a good impression. We all know how important a first impression is. A few seconds is all that a buyer needs to decide to push through with the sale, and staging can help you capture the buyer’s interest.


The most affordable staging tips

Due to the significance of staging, many homeowners think staging is expensive.

Not necessarily. There are many staging techniques which are pocket -friendly.

Here are the best tips you can do to stage your Charlotte NC home without burning a hole in your wallet.

1. Cleaning, decluttering, and depersonalizing. Let’s start with a technique that won’t cost you anything. Before you can move to the process of adding personality to your home, it needs to be cleaned first. If you feel overwhelmed just by thinking of cleaning, you can hire a professional cleaner.

Decluttering is another inexpensive staging technique. When you declutter, you throw out broken items and unnecessary things you’ve been keeping, so there’s more space in the house. Decluttering helps your home become more airy and bright.

Depersonalizing is removing all personal items like photos and mementos on the walls. From the moment you decided to sell your home, you need to start thinking it’s not your home anymore. You need to think of it as an investment you would like to sell, so you will dress it its best.

2. Repainting. Giving your home a fresh coat of paint boosts its appeal. Paint can hide the flaws of the house, like the crayon marks on the wall. Buyers love homes that are move-in ready, and repainting helps you achieve that look.


This step only requires paint and a paintbrush. It is an affordable but highly efficient staging method to help your home look new.

3. Rearranging furniture. Once your home is decluttered, you’ll see the interior open up and become more spacious. Rearrange your furniture by putting the heavy and bulky objects near the walls. Chairs should be grouped to encourage conversation.

4. Get new light fixtures. Your home’s lighting should allow buyers to appreciate the size and space of your home. Poor lighting not only dims the house it  can also make a buyer disinterested.

5. Improve curb appeal. Staging does not just happen inside the home. It also includes the exterior. Capture a buyer’s interest with a stunning curb appeal.

For this tip, you don’t need to spend a lot, but you need to invest some time taking care of your lawn.

Clean the front yard and flower beds. Trim the grass. Add some potted flowers in the garden for a pop of color.

If you have a patio, furnishing it with some comfortable chairs and adding an outdoor grill gives the impression of a relaxing outdoor space.


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