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What You Should Know About Home Warranties

April 12, 2019

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  1.  Home warranties can increase the perceived value of your home.  In a recent Gallup survey of home buyers, pre-owned homes with home warranty coverage commanded as much as 2% higher perceived value than homes without warranties.  By increasing the perceived value, you’re more likely to get a full asking price in a sale.
  2. Home warranties can accelerate the sale of your home.  The same survey indicated that buyers have more confidence in homes with warranties.  This confidence can result in a quicker sale – up to 60% faster than homes without warranty coverage.
  3. Home warranties protect the equity investment in your home.  A warranty on your home during the listing period can cover you should a covered item stop working as well.  It can eliminate many “out-of-pocket” expenses sellers sometimes experience from unexpected breakdowns and repairs.
  4. Home warranties can reduce the potential of “after-sale” disputes with buyers.  Almost 65% of lawsuits brought by buyers against sellers after the sale are related to property condition problems.*   Home warranties are designed to reduce this liability providing peace of mind for you and your buyer.

*Statistical information obtained from actual E&O insurance claims filed with major national E&O carrier.

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