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I Don't Do Foreclosures

November 17, 2017

I Don’t Do Foreclosures


Ever been told this by a Realtor? Ever wonder why exactly they feel this way? These 4 words can leave a person very confused about the ins and outs of buying a foreclosure. More times than not, the Realtor just doesn’t understand the process. So what is one to do? The easy way is to just agree and walk away, but if you are really interested, there is not only help for you but also for your Realtor.

So where do you go to get this help? It is not on the local Facebook gossip page but it is partially on the internet. I mean if it is on the internet it has to be true? Well it is true if you go to www.hudhomestore.com. This website is packed full of information on purchasing HUD homes but it gets even better. If you just don’t have the time to read through all of the information, you can contact a Neighborhood Listing Broker that specializes in HUD Homes. They are a great source and give personal attention to questions that not only you have but your Realtor has. They hold training classes for both licensed professionals and the general public. They can also be reached by email and phone and one on one training. So next time your Realtor brushes off your questions about foreclosures, help them and yourself by just reaching out to a NLB.

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