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Winter is Coming!

November 14, 2017

WINTER IS COMING!!! 3 quick tips to help you prepare your home for winter! 

1. Reverse fans, a lot of fans have a switch that will allow you to reverse the way they turn changing the force of air. Reversing the fan creates an updraft of cool air and forces hot air down to help keep the room warmer longer (hot said rises!) 

2. Caulk exterior doors and windows! This helps keep any leaks of warm air in and cold air out and keeps your home insulated better! It’s a very inexpensive way of saving a lot of energy down the road! 

3. Wrap your exterior pipes! In addition to caulking around any open area from pipes on the exterior of your home, wrapping or covering faucets help reduce wasted energy as well. 

Winter is always a wonderful time of the year when your warm so do a few extra things to make your house warm this winter! 

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