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Keep those pesky animals out of your house!

August 09, 2018

Since Summer is on the downhill side, and cooler weather is around the corner, here is a little advice to make your Winter a bit more pleasant.

When the weather starts to change, rodents, squirrels, chipmunks and the like, start looking for warm places to nest for the Winter. Unfortunately, attics are a place that offer shelter, warmth and nesting material. While this is great for them, it can be an irritant to you, as well as dangerous and costly.

These unwelcome residents sometimes do damage like chewing on wires, scratching through sheetrock and leaving droppings around the attic or basement. Not only can repairs be expensive, but live wires could cause a fire.

Keeping these critters out is easier and more cost effective than trying to evict them once they are in. Go around your home and look for places that an animal could use to get in. Remember, the holes do not need to be that big. Small holes can allow small things in.

If you should spot an opening, you can cover it with some stainless steel mesh. Small thin cheap chicken wire can be chewed through, so use the best material that you can.

If this is out of your area of expertise, a pest control company can come in and button up your home for you. It may be a little bit of an expense now, but it can save you much more down the road.


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