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Wallpaper: yes or no?

July 11, 2018

Wallpaper has had a bad reputation for being a fad of the past, outdated and tacky.  But it’s making more and more of a comeback, with more of a modern flair of course.

Advances in adhesives have made the daunting task of applying wallpaper a little more user friendly than wallpaper from the 70s-90s.  Self-stick wallpaper can be bought from Target, online retailers like Wayfair, and even Pottery Barn.  These large sheets that are self-adhesive can be removed without damage and also carry the low VOC and environmentally friendly claims that many homeowners search for when buying paint.  They are not recommended to be applied to textured or matte and flat painted walls but can be great for hiding a bad paint job or hiding flaws on a not-so-perfect wall.  Walls still need to be smooth, any rough spots sanded down, and free of debris to get the wallpaper property hung on the wall.  It still might not be a good idea to apply to your walls if you are a renter, unless you have prior approval from your landlord.  Even though they may easily stick and peel off it still could leave damage if you are not careful, so it's probably best to steer clear of it.

Be mindful of designs that may make a room look too busy or would drown out other décor you have in the room.  A lot of times, one simple accent wall that is covered in wallpaper is sufficient in creating dramatic effects to the design of your room.  You can always purchase a small inexpensive sample of wallpaper to give it a test run.

Some of the most popular designs of wallpaper are rustic wood, brick or stone, geometric patterns, patterns with a gold flair, and branches.

Maybe there are more pros than cons to wallpaper and the momentum that this has come back in style will keep growing!

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