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The MUST DOs of Buying a HUD Home

July 05, 2018

  1. Always speak with a HUD registered real estate agent. Only a HUD registered real estate agent can represent buyers in the purchase of a HUD home.
  2. Get all the facts. Your agent can typically provide you with more info on a HUD home than seen by the naked eye.
  3. ALWAYS get an inspection. You never really know what you’re getting with a HUD home so it is extremely important to always get an inspection. This will give you a good idea of what repairs are needed.
  4. Follow the steps to have the utilities turned on for inspection. This is crucial to better detect plumbing or electrical issues.
  5. Get repair estimates in writing. Meet your agent and contractor at the property to go over necessary repairs and get estimates.
  6. Make sure the home qualifies for your type of loan. Not all HUD homes do and it can make or break a sale if you are financing.
  7. Once your offer has been accepted; continue to communicate with your lender and agent regularly. HUD has strict guidelines on closing times and it can be costly if you do not follow those guidelines.
  8. Be prepared to rekey the property after closing. HUD does not give out HUD keys. Always have a plan in place to get into the property after closing to have it rekeyed so that there are no delays on getting into your new home.

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