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e-Signature Coming to a HUD Sales Contract Near You!

April 27, 2017

Effective May 1, 2017, HUD is allowing e-signatures as a method of sales contract execution.

It's here!  e-Signature, it's here!  

We understand for most real estate professionals you've probably been using an e-signature tool for years and this doesn't really sound all that exciting, but for those of us in the HUD-owned world, this is a really big deal.

Let's explain the as a method in bold and underlined, as yes, there are guidelines to e-signature.  We'd love to tell you gone are the days of expensive overnight charges requiring HUD sales contracts to be delivered to our office in original blue ink wet signatures, but alas we cannot and here's the scoop.  

As with everything related to HUD-owned homes, HUD has defined a process for e-signature execution and if the process for whatever reason can't be followed, it's the responsibility of selling broker to do it the old fashion way, no exceptions, we still require contracts in our office within 48 hours of bid acceptance.  Period. 

With that being said, as our office has been training on the e-signature process for the past few weeks, we feel very confident selling brokers utilizing the e-signature method will quickly adapt and embrace it, as I stated above, gone are the expensive overnight charges, it's free to use and here's how.

This link www.hudhomestore.com/ListingSiteFAQ.htm is to the HUD Homestore website which contains the following training videos along with additional information HUD registered selling brokers are going to need when placing their buyer's bid.


  • E-Signature Overview 
  • E-Signature Detail 
  • Entering a Bid  
  • After your Bid is accepted – completing the checklist 
  • Email to E-Sign 

If after reviewing the above videos you still have questions please feel free to call our office, we're here to help!  Toll free at (877) 394-8736.

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