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Spring Has Sprung! 5 Easy Tips to Spruce Up Your Home and Keep Pests Away!

May 12, 2024


Spring Has Sprung! 5 Easy Tips to Spruce Up Your Home and Keep Pests Away!

Deep Clean Your Kitchen: Start by thoroughly cleaning your kitchen, including behind and under appliances, inside cabinets, and pantry shelves. Crumbs and food residue attract pests like ants, cockroaches, and rodents. Use a mixture of water and vinegar to wipe down surfaces, as it helps deter pests due to its odor. Ensure all food containers are tightly sealed to prevent access.

 Inspect and Seal Entry Points: Regularly inspect your home’s exterior for cracks, gaps, or openings that pests could use to enter. Pay attention to areas around doors, windows, pipes, and vents. Seal any openings with caulk or weatherstripping to prevent pests from finding their way inside.

 Declutter and Organize: Clutter provides hiding spots for pests and makes it difficult to spot signs of an infestation. Take the time to declutter your home, especially storage areas like closets, basements, and attics. Store items in sealed plastic containers rather than cardboard boxes, as pests can easily chew through cardboard.

 Clean and Maintain Outdoor Spaces: Trim back bushes and trees that are touching your home, as they can provide a bridge for pests to access your house. Remove any standing water from flower pots, bird baths, or gutters, as stagnant water attracts mosquitoes and other insects. Regularly mow the lawn and rake up leaves to reduce hiding spots for pests.

 Use Natural Pest Deterrents: Consider using natural pest deterrents to keep pests at bay. For example, planting certain herbs like mint, lavender, and basil around your home can help repel insects. Diatomaceous earth can be sprinkled in areas where pests are likely to travel, as it dehydrates and kills insects on contact. Additionally, strategically placing cedar blocks or sachets in closets and drawers can deter moths and other fabric-eating pests.

 By following these tips, you can effectively spring clean your home while also preventing and controlling pest infestations.

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