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Only enough money to remodel one room?

April 13, 2018

Roh Habibi, realtor and star of Million Dollar Listing, San Francisco, lists landscaping as the number one remodel that pays off -- but the kitchen is second on his list. Habibi describes the kitchen as the “heart of the home,” and recommends focusing on colors and textures when making upgrades. “You don't need to break the bank for the appliances,” he said.

Most experts agree a kitchen is key to improving a home's value and Kevin Deselms, a realtor with RE/MAX Alliance in Golden, CO, advised that if a seller has only enough money to renovate one room, the kitchen is the room to pick. “Kitchens are the focal point of almost every home showing and an impressive kitchen will almost always make the difference between an average offer and the maximum,” Deselms said.

Investing in the kitchen makes a lot of sense, as studies have shown as many as 80% of homebuyers list the kitchen as their favorite room. When your kitchen is updated, buyers may also be more forgiving of other outdated areas. “I've found that my clients are more likely to tolerate an outdated bathroom than an outdated kitchen,” Maria Tabakova, an agent with Triplemint said.

You don't have to spend a fortune to make a big improvement in your kitchen, either. In fact, while a major kitchen remodel returns only around 80% on your investment, a minor remodel has an 87% return. A minor face-lift for your kitchen could include painting cabinets or getting new cabinet doors, installing new appliances, upgrading countertops, or switching out cabinet hardware. “There's just something about new doors and handles and stainless steel appliances that make people excited,” advised Mike Higgins of Keller Williams Realty in Green Bay.

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