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Top 6 things to consider when buying a home

September 14, 2021

  1.  Chose the people you wish to help you carefully

The professionals you choose to help you will be the difference between a great experience and a stressful one.  Buying a home is a life changing event and one of the most important decisions you’ll make in your life.  Trusting people to help you with this is a necessity.   Take your time when choosing those people and make sure you’re comfortable with your choices. 


  1.  Consider the location

    Commuting to work can be a chore if it’s a long drive.   When your home is very close to work it gives you more free time or more sleep time!   School districts are also important if you have children.  Do a little homework on the schools in the area and find the ones you feel are the best fit for your family.   You’ll want to consider homes that fall into these school districts.
  1.  Exposure

    The sun will be at different angles during the seasons but in some areas of the country it will always be primarily in one direction during the day.  This effects how much light enters the home depending on which way the home faces.   If you like a light bright home, consider homes that have a lot of windows facing the sun’s main path during the day
  2.  Neighborhood condition and amenities

    Some neighborhoods are full of run down homes or lots of renters who don’t really take care of their surroundings like you would hope.   Others are full of pristine lawns and landscaping and not a weed to be seen.   Both neighborhoods have pros and cons.   Also, some neighborhoods are very close to shopping or parks and trails.   Consider the benefits and feel of each neighborhood as you tour properties.   You will be living in your home for some time so you want to find a neighborhood that feels like a good fit for you
  3.  The size of home

    Some people know the amount of beds and baths they want but they really didn’t consider the amount of living area that will be required.   If you have a large family with pets, it will be difficult to feel comfortable in a home under 1000 sq ft.   Size does matter and people need their space to feel comfortable.   Consider how you live now and how you want to live in your next abode when choosing the right home.
  4.  The condition of the home

    Almost every home has a few minor issues or maintenance items.  Some have quite a few things that need addressing.   Taking stock of your own talents and understanding what types of issues you feel comfortable taking on yourself and which items you’ll need professional help with is key in making a smart choice on a home.   Its important to have any home you are considering purchasing inspected by a professional so you understand the condition and issues.  



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