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Fall Maintenance Checklist

September 14, 2021

When the last of summer's heat is becoming a memory, and you start pulling out hoodies more than your shorts, it's time to take on a few simple chores that'll make winter more pleasant and avoid any surprises in the spring.

This fall checklist helps:

  1. Stow your mower – make sure to clean the blades and inside before storing.
  2. Store hoses and turn off outdoor water.
  3. Check for drafts and seal cracks around doors and windows.
  4. Clean your gutters!
  5. Inspect your roof
  6. Get your furnace serviced and change your filters.
  7. Trim back your plants surrounding the exterior of the home.
  8. Bring your outdoor furniture in or use a winter cover.
  9. Fertilize your lawn, doing this will turn your lawn green faster in the spring.
  10. Check your detectors and batteries

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