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Eviction moratorium struck down!

May 06, 2021

This week a Federal Judge ruled that the CDC does not have the authority to issue an eviction moratorium.

The public health service act was thought to have granted this authority, but a Federal Judge has ruled that it does not.

Of course, our judicial process allows for appeals, so you now that there is an appeal in process, which may allow a stay on this newest ruling until the appeal can be heard.

While Evictions may be painful, they are a necessary process to keep our nations housing economy in motion. Think about it… if landlords do not receive rent, they can not pay the lenders who have financed that property.

When this happens, and the lender forecloses, the tenant is ultimately evicted, and the property is resold.

There is no good way to stall the housing crisis. Our system has worked for many years and will again when left to its own devices. 

Just a sobering thought.


All the best. 

M. Kuehn

Southern Breezes Real Estate

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