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Selling your home during COVD

September 10, 2020

As people learn to adapt to this what we hope is temporary lifestyle, there are some important questions to ask when interviewing listing agents. Consider asking not only how long the agent has been in the business but are they adapting their business practices and marketing to adjust for the needs of COVID or are they doing the same thing they have always done? Now the answer to this question can be tricky. I personally found it odd that alot of Realtors were panicking and rushing to get not only professional photos but virtual tours for their listings so that they would be prepared for what we expected to  be the rush of virtual showings. What have these agents been doing before? Were they taking photos with their phone? I have been hiring professional companies to provide photos and virtual walk throughs for over 10 years now. There was no panic to catch up. My clients were set and ahead of the game. 

Do you health concerns match your agent's? Do not be afraid to ask your agent to provide masks, gloves, booties and hand sanitizer if that is a concern. You may even ask people to take off their shoes when entering but PLEASE if you do this think about one thing. In the warmer weather women like to wear sandals and men may have on shoes with no socks. It is not very hygenic to have a stranger walk across your floors in their bare feet and it is something personally I won't do in a strangers home. So if this is your request, please make sure you or your agent provide booties for your guests. 

And finally if you are working from home with the kids, is your agent willing to be flexible with showing times that may need to be adjusted. This can be very challenging sometimes but with some work it can bring great results. 

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