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I want to sell my home, but I have a pet!

July 15, 2020

There’s no doubt our pets play an important role in our homes. They wait for us to come home after a long day, protect our property, and are there to comfort us when things go wrong. They truly are part of the family. But if you’re trying to sell your home, your four-legged friend could add to the process. From removing stubborn stains to recommending where to put your pet during a showing so that he/ she is not stressed out, these tips will ensure potential buyers aren’t off-put by your companion.

Invest In A Good Carpet Cleaner

It’s a good idea to invest in a carpet cleaner or have your carpets cleaned professionally to ensure there are no obvious pet stains and odors. Plus, some potential buyers could have an allergy to pet dander and this can help.  A carpet cleaner will help remove odors and stuck-in fur. Your house deserves a deep clean!

Keep Your Pet Out Of The House

If possible, it’s best to leave your pet with a friend, a relative, or another trusted caretaker while showing your home. If no one is available, it’s a good idea to leave your pet in a crate, in an area where potential buyers are less likely to be, either a basement or mudroom. Put a warm blanket, bowl of water, and favorite toy in his crate to help him feel more comfortable. Also make sure that the potential buyers know where in your house your pet is so that they don’t startle them.

Clean Up The Yard

Even your backyard could leave traces of your pet, so it’s important to clean up any waste and toys. Keep a toy bin by the door, and try to have your pet use the bathroom in the same area, so the cleanup will be easier. If there are any bare patches of grass, you can try to aerate and seed these spots or plant sod for a quicker fix.

Put Away The Pictures

More than likely you’re a proud pet parent, meaning that you have a handful of pictures of your pet around your home or at least some photos where he makes an appearance. You’d be surprised at how many potential buyers pay attention to pictures during a showing. These pictures will be a dead giveaway of your pet ownership, so keep them put away while the showing is going on.

There’s no reason for your animal to hinder your house selling process. Use these tips to ensure that you and your pet can sell your current home and enjoy your next home!


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