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Family activities during a pandemic

June 10, 2020

With so many normal businesses closed, or operating at less than capacity, many families are home more and looking for activities they can do while socially distancing.  Here are a list of summer fun activities the whole family will enjoy:

Park hopping - make a bucket list of all your local parks.  Playgrounds may still be off limits, but many parks are still open for biking and nature walks or feeding ducks.  Find a new trail to explore and have a scavenger hunt with kids.

Drive-in movie - if you are fortunate enough to live within driving distance to a drive-in movie theater, take the family out for a move night!

Backyard camping - best of both worlds that you can sleep outside and experience camping life, but still be in close range to a comfortable bed if you need it!

Gardening - gardening supplies can be cheap and it can give kids responsibility of taking care of watering the garden and pulling weeds.

Geocaching - go on a geocaching adventure if you've never been!

Make up a new game - use items from around the house and search Pinterest to find a new game everyone can play. 

Quarantine project - find a home project everyone can get involved with! 

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