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August 24, 2016

Attention all selling agents and their owner-occupant buyers!  Are your customers/clients aware that they have first opportunity to purchase a HUD-owned property when it comes available on the market!  Yes!  You have first opportunity to bid on their behalf on any HUD-owned property before any investor purchaser can place a bid and scoop it up from right underneath them!

During the sealed bid exclusivity period for Insured and Insured with Escrow HUD-owned properties our local listing broker's host exclusive open house hours ONLY to owner occupants and their agents to assist with questions and help clear the path to purchasing a HUD-owned home!

K.M. Minemier is committed to creating owner-occupant opportunity, so please check out our events page frequently for our homeownership open house schedule.  Each open house has a direct link to information on HUDhomestore.com, Google map and directions, open house times and contact information for the local listing broker should you need to schedule another showing time.

So calling all (HUD registered) selling agents/brokers, now is the time to get your owner-occupant buyer's looking at, and calling a HUD-owned home their own!!

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