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Meet Our Team! - Mona Knight - K.M. Minemier's Front End Customer Service Administrator

September 02, 2016

Our office fields hundreds of phone calls every week and there is definitely no shortage of interesting when it comes to our day-to-day happenings.  Front end office duty requires extraordinary talent to individually focus on each changing situation as it arises and in order to offer the best customer service in our industry we got one of our best picking up the phone and servicing each one of those callers.

When dialing into our main or toll free office number you'll be received by our front end administrator Mona Knight who hands down is the best at what she does and one of the most interesting people in our office.

Mona has many talents that serve us so well here at the office, to begin with a patient ear.  She receives the gambit of calls from selling agents, listing brokers, potential buyers, neighbors, municipalities, HOA's, vendors, closing agents, clients, the variety of calls she receives is endless, every call is different and every caller gets attended to as best as she is able.  That kind of  perpetual attentiveness day in and day out , maintaining the level of customer service every caller deserves is a true asset to our office.

A few weeks ago Mona was telling us how she was invited to speak at a ministry event for the weekend.  (Most people would garden, grocery shop, or do laundry over the weekend)  She went on to say she was speaking to a woman's group of about 80 attendees.  Now it's not uncommon for a lot of people to have a real distaste for public speaking and I asked if that size group proposed a challenge for her, what she said to us, (as now the whole office was engaged in our conversation)  and hence the unofficial title as one of the most interesting people at K.M. Minemier & Associates, she said to us, "I've spoken and sang for over 5,000 people."  Say what?  How many??

Before joining K.M. Minemier & Associates, Mona served in full time ministry, this part I knew from her resume, what I didn't know was soon to follow and I was astounded what Mona has done in her life.  Mona's a gifted singer and an international recording artist (I wonder if she'd record our office on-hold music, how cool would that be!?)  She has recorded two music CD's and has three national radio singles.  I can barely lip sync, let alone sing so to me this is such an epic talent here in our office.  Her music has charted on radio stations in Europe, Africa and the United States, can you just imagine!


She's has been featured on several television programs and in 2009 she went to Garmisch, Germany to sing for our troops at the Edelweiss Lodge and Resort. (pictured above)

She sang on top of the Rialto Bridge in Venice, Italy.  Here she is pictured, more casual before her performance.

Mona has sang at U.S. Customs House in Charleston for National Day of Prayer and was invited to sing at the United Nations for a chapel service.

Mona has now has taken on her latest endeavor as our front end office administrator for K.M. Minemier, she wasn't sure when she first started with us, she's never worked in our industry before, but she has proven herself invaluable, and has proven herself to know and understand every asset management concept and acronym we can throw at her.  She is an integral part of our team.

She's devoted to her family, loves her grand children and loves life, you can tell when she comes into work everyday.  So please know when you call into our office you are in good hands and we are here to assist!

K.M. Minemier & Associates and Mona can be reached at 877-394-8736 or local at 843-790-9780.

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