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KMM's Real Estate Broker Spotlight

September 08, 2016

Our website receives hundreds of unique visitors every day looking for all things related to our HUD-owned inventory.  Primarily our website is designed to be a resource for real estate brokers and agents transacting a purchase however a great deal of our traffic comes from potential purchasers interested in learning about a particular HUD-owned property.

Sometimes there's confusion when a potential purchaser contacts us or visits our website as to what our responsibilities are as the asset manager versus that of the licensed activity of our listing and selling brokers assisting them into HUD-owned ownership.

Our roles are very distinct in the REO process yet we work very closely with our brokers and have created a Broker Spotlight within our blog, an opportunity for consumers visiting our page to acquaint themselves with the real estate brokers and agents that K.M. Minemier has the pleasure to work with on a daily basis.  We hope that the content provided from our brokers is insightful, helpful and offer you the means to reach out to further inquire about purchasing a HUD-owned property.

K.M. Minemier & Associates can be reached toll free at 877-394-8736 or visit us at www.kmmrealty.com

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