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Common Buyer Mistakes

May 18, 2024

#1. Wating too long to engage with a buyer's agent- Most seasoned homeowners understand that it benefits them to work with a buyer’s agent during their search, but many prospective purchasers don’t engage with one soon enough in the process. The purchase process starts before getting out and looking at a property.  Offers need to be strategic to be competative.  Too many buyers wait until they find the home they love and then take a crash couse on mechanics and strategies of making a competative offer.  A seasoned agent will help buyers understand the current market dynamics and be straegic with the offer. 

#2. Seeing a property online - Alomost all home searches begin online.  Each listing is featured with an extensive array of beautiful photos.  Many buyers feel that they have seen a house before seeing the property in person. This is a huge mistake.  Photos will almost always showcase a property's best features while minimizing its shortcomings.  

#3. Getting too fixated on "the perfect Home" - The perfect home does not exist.  You may miss opportunties if you enter the process without an  open mind about another area, neighborhood, HUD property  or property type.  Countless potential buyers never buy because of this, and thus miss great investments or never move on to the next chapter of their lives.

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