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Thanksgiving Safety Tips

November 15, 2023

Turkey day is just around the corner.  What are your favorite family traditions?  Do you stay home and cook a festive meal or head out to a family/friends home for the day?  No matter what your plans are for Thanksgiving, here are a few safety tips to make sure you have a great day.


Keep baking soda on hand to put out kitchen fires.

Do not leave food cooking or the stove unsupervised.

Make sure smoke alarms are working.

A household fire extinguisher should always be nearby.

Do not leave candles burning unattended and do not burn candles near flammable items like curtains or potpourri.

Follow all instructions carefully when using a deep fryer and monitor closely!

Incidents of choking and food poisoning increase during the holidays, especially around Thanksgiving, as people are preparing and consuming more food than usual. Food Safety News reports that approximately 51 million turkeys are consumed on Thanksgiving.


Always wash your hands after handling raw or under-cooked poultry.

Use separate cutting boards for raw meat and produce to prevent cross-contamination.

The USDA recommends cooking the turkey at a minimum of 325 degrees. Use a food thermometer and cook the turkey to an internal temperature of 165 to 180 degrees to ensure the turkey is cooked thoroughly and to avoid illness caused by consuming under-cooked poultry.

Store leftovers within 2 hours or toss them.


The Veterinary Medical Association warns that turkey and chicken bones should never be given to pets because they can splinter and pets may choke.

Dogs should be kept away from any dish that has onions, leeks, garlic, raisins, grapes or chocolate, as those foods can be hazardous to your dog's health.


With Thanksgiving being one of the most travel-heavy times of the year, it is important to be prepared before hitting the road and to drive defensively, especially during bad weather.

Drivers who are texting take their eyes off the road for an average of 5 seconds. Driving at 55 mph, that is about the length of a football field.

Buckle up, every trip.

Make sure your vehicle is well maintained.

Plan your route ahead of time.

Carry and emergency kit in the car.

Be aware of weather conditions.

Take caution in parking lots while out shopping.

No texting while driving.

Be safe and have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Evduza Ramaj

Inside Realty

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