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Benefits of Homeownership

January 18, 2017

When I meet a new client: I tell them, "This is my spill. It does not matter if you younger or older, if you are richer or poor, bigger or little. With the interest rates so low, you can buy your very own home and your monthly mortgage payment will be cheaper than paying rent; and you will be putting equity back into your very own home. Just get your foot in the door with low monthly payments and you can always upgrade later.

Try to pay it off early and turn around to use it as your first rental property. Then start on another home. Or you may want to sell it and use the profit as a down payment on your dream home. Use the rental income to make the monthly mortgage payments on your next home. It will be your very own home. Everything you do will be going toward your home. You can paint it any color you want and everything you do will be how you like it.

Scared…What if you do not like living there? You are not stuck forever. You have to live in the house for at least a year. If you do not like it, then sell it, and find another home better suited for you.

Get something big enough, something you will be comfortable with. It does not have to be beautiful. Do you want to eat rice and beans for ever or do you want to go on vacation and eat a steak once in a while?

It does not have to be beautiful. You can always upgrade later. It does not matter that your friends may have a great big beautiful home and fine new cars. You do not know how stressed they may be; wondering how they are going to make the next payment. They may be fighting over money while you are outside playing with the children, going out to eat and on vacation.

Decide what payments you want to make and stick to that, do not go over. You have to be in agreement with your spouse. You have to talk it out, get a budget plan and stick to it.

If you tell me, you do not want to go over a certain amount each month, then I will be in agreement with you. If you go outside what you can afford them I will be your Realtor not your friend and draw you back into the acceptable price range and remind you what you decided on.

If you say this is it!! This is my dream home! Then I will say, "Oh praise God!" I will be so happy for you. Then, we will talk about your monthly payments. They will not go away.

Are you going to be ok with making these payments?

When you find something you like, we will go meet the neighbors! You cannot pick your neighbors, but you can choose where you want to live. They may tell you everything you they know about the house such as previous problem or necessary repairs. A lot of times they know everything good or bad about the last people that lived there too.

Let’s get you pre-approved and go look for you a home!"

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