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Our office ratifies the sales contract via e-signature utilizing Docusign. Pre-Closing Instructions, Post Closing Instructions, and Wiring information are available below. Please note that as the buyer selected closing agent your office will be responsible to prepare all closing documents required to close. All closing documents must be forwarded to the following KMM Closing Manager no later than 5 business days before closing. Please be advised that this contract expires 30, 45 or 60 calendar days from ratification. Review your sales contract for anticipated closing date.

5A - For North and South Carolina Closings — Michele Duval

6A - Alabama, Mississippi and Tennessee Closings — John Fisher

Sales Contract Addendums

HUD Sales Broker Handbook

Utility Activation Request Instructions

It is the responsibility of the Purchaser's Agent to have the property prepared for utility activation (De-Winterized) which includes coordination of activities with the utility providers and your inspectors/appraisers. Purchaser's Agent must determine Turn ON/OFF dates and provide them to HUD's Field Services Manager (FSM). Do not have any utilities activated or services completed until you receive permission to perform these tasks. Utilities may be activated for the maximum of 72 hours excluding weekends and all federal holidays. All fees associated with activating any utility, including but not limited to, inspections, permits, deposits, service fees, and/or applications fees required by a utility provider are the responsibility of the buyer. FSM does not coordinate any dates or facilitate any payments to any provider.

Utility Activation Requests in 5A — North and South Carolina
Click here or visit https://www.Alpinecompaniesinc.com

Utility Activation Requests in 6A — Tennessee, Mississippi & Alabama
Click Here or visit https://www.innotion.com/contact-us/utility-activation-form/

Please note, if utility activation is denied on any Insured (I) or Insured with escrow (IE) HUD-owned home due to the as-is condition of the property and activation is subject to Purchaser's financing please escalate to .